Getting Back into the Groove of Fitness After Giving Birth

One of the hardest things to do after giving birth is getting back into a fitness plan. I spent most of my life in a gym and even for me, it was super hard. I quickly learned that the best way to be successful with exercising after giving birth is by making your little bundle of joy a part of your workout plan. As a new mom, there is a ton to learn and a lot to get done. You’re feeding around the clock, changing dirty diapers, and of course playing with your little one. It’s a whole new world with a new schedule that no one can prepare you for. The schedule you had before your baby arrived, which you may have thought was a challenge once, is now in the rearview mirror and is looking far too easy.

This new schedule takes on a new challenge of how do I make time for me? How do I exercise and not feel like I am missing out on spending time with my baby? How do I exercise when every time I set my child down, they cry for me to hold them, rock them, or just be near them? I needed a way to mesh the two worlds together, not only for my physical health but for my mental health. Having a Dash Wagon Crossover makes that a possibility. In the Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program, your baby is getting rocked the entire time, plus you’re right there to look at and engage with them. You can sing to them, count your reps out loud, or smile and make cute faces.

Babies learn by watching and listening and they love it when you make them part of your activity. The Crossover and the Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program makes it possible for you to exercise inside your home or outside in the beautiful sun, with the wiggle room you need to exercise when you can. And, allowing yourself to have flexibility within the exercise program is key. There were days I did sets of 12, there were days I did sets of 20. It depended on my sleep and how much help I had with all of my new responsibilities. I also allowed myself the choice of doing 1 set or 3 sets depending on my schedule and time.

This flexibility was key to my success and it allowed me to stay consistent and always feel a sense of accomplishment. Doing some exercise is always better than doing nothing! As a new mom, you know that the little wins feel very big. Why not follow an exercise program designed to fit your new lifestyle? The Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness program is one that you can do successfully and your little bundle of joy will love.

Dash Wagon Bird Dog

One of my favorite exercises in the Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program is the Dash Wagon Bird Dog. I love it because you get to play peek a boo with your little one! This effective, functional movement reinforces proper spinal alignment and core recruitment.

How To

1. The starting position is on your hand and opposite knee. The hand holding the Crossover handle can be pronated, or supinated, with your arm extended, the opposite leg will be raised to hip height. 

woman kneeling behind Dash Wagon preparing to exercise

2. Next, pull your arm and leg toward each other, do not touch the floor, but instead bring your elbow toward your opposite knee. You will exhale as you are bringing your elbow and knee toward each other, you will inhale when you reach back to the starting position. When done with that set you will then perform the exercise on the other side. Do not let your back arch or your hips or shoulders twist. Keep your abdominals as tight as possible.

woman kneeling behind Dash Wagon exercising

Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, your ultimate goal should be to complete 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Please note, when you start exercising after giving birth, it is best to use progressions. Begin with sets of 12, then progress to sets of 15, then sets of 20. If you cannot complete a set of 12, do what you can and increase your repetitions as you get stronger!

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