Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Dash Wagon Crossover come with a car seat?

No. The Crossover is a travel system that requires a car seat to be snapped into it. You must already own the specified brand car seat for that Crossover model or purchase it separately.

Is it safe for my child to sit lower than in a traditional stroller?

Very much so! The Dash Wagon Crossover has a low center of gravity, which not only provides a smoother ride for your child, but helps to prevent tipping injuries. Added bonus: Dash Wagon also keeps strangers at a safer distance from your child.

Can my child really use the Crossover from 0-2? What if they outgrow their rear-facing infant car seat?

Yes! If your child outgrows their rear-facing infant car seat, it is no longer safe to use the car seat in a vehicle. However, you can continue to use the car seat as the seat of your Crossover, especially when doing workouts in the Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program! The 96-week program guarantees two years of use.

What is the Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program?

Dash Wagon is more than just a safe and easy way to get around town. We’re a caring community for new moms and moms-to-be. Your health and well-being matters. That’s why we created Dash Wagon Fitness, a free physical and mental wellness program designed by a personal trainer specifically for moms, babies, and their Dash Wagons. Our program includes a 96-week postpartum fitness program that includes 150+ unique exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Stay healthy, safe, and engaged with your baby, every step of the way!

Has the Crossover been tested?

As a parent-owned company, we would only create a product that was safe for use, making safety a top priority for us. Our in-house testing with numerous families has confirmed that each Dash Wagon meets or exceeds all of the safety parameters required by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. Specifically, each Dash Wagon meets or exceeds all of the safety parameters for strollers set forth in the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008, 16 CFR Part 1227, and ASTM Standard F833-19. Because we are currently considered a small batch manufacturer per the Consumer Products Safety Commission and because the Dash Wagon Crossover is not a traditional stroller, we are currently not required to conduct third party testing

Will the Crossover hold my diaper bag and groceries?

The Crossover does not have built-in storage to keep it light and less bulky. However, because the Crossover's handle is designed for just one hand, you have a free hand to carry anything else!

Does it fold easily?

Yes! The Crossover was built to be easy to deploy and put away. The handle collapses and rotates over the top of the Dash Wagon, making it easy to carry, pack, and store.

What’s the advantage of the Crossover over a traditional stroller? Do I need both?

The Crossover is very compact, light, and easy to deploy. Due to its compact size, the Dash Wagon is able to fit into places that a traditional stroller cannot. Take the Crossover through airports, on a restaurant patio, into a bathroom stall, an exam room at the doctor, and more.


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