The Motivation Behind Dash Wagon

Design Inspired by Necessity

Founded in Austin, Texas by Nikki and Eric Churilla, Dash Wagon came about due to necessity but continues to be fueled by their altruistic passion. Nikki is a licensed physical therapist assistant and world-class personal trainer and Eric is a patent attorney with a background in mechanical engineering.

From Nikki and Eric Churilla –

Our idea for Dash Wagon came from a personal need. In February 2016, our eight week old son, Dash, started having seizures. We spent an incredibly hard week in the hospital for observation and tests. Before we left, the doctors told us we would have to watch Dash every minute of every day in case the seizures returned.

From that moment on, Dash was constantly at our side. We wore him in a baby carrier, held him as we did chores around the house, and moved him to each room so he was never alone. Eventually we needed an easier way to take Dash with us without having to constantly carry or wear him.

One day Nikki had an idea. She filled a little plastic wagon with pillows and blankets, put a car seat insert on top, and gently placed Dash on the car seat insert.  Nikki’s creation was much smaller and more agile than other travel systems, allowing her to take Dash anywhere in the house. While this provided a temporary solution, it just wasn’t safe for long-term use.

infant being pulled in a small wagon

After some trials, we created a wheeled carrier for the car seat that provided both a low center of gravity and a higher level of mobility, now called the Dash Wagon Crossover. Our son, Dash, and our daughter, Goldie, have both used them for many years. You can probably guess how we came up with the company’s name!

Dash Wagon Crossover models are brand-specific and use a car seat base as the body. Each Crossover is assembled by hand in our production facility in Austin, Texas and we use only the highest quality parts. Built to rigorous standards, the Dash Wagon Crossover will provide years of use and is safe from newborn to toddler.

Dash Wagon Chicco Keyfit 30 model