Begin Your Postpartum Fitness Journey

The full Dash Wagon Fitness Postpartum Program is free with the purchase of your Dash Wagon Crossover.

Hi Dash Wagon Mama!

Welcome to the community of #DashWagonWarriors. I created Dash Wagon Fitness because I needed a way to squeeze working out into my new crazy schedule and didn't want to miss a minute of quality time with my little one! This program is designed for you and comes FREE with the purchase of a Dash Wagon Crossover. Beginning when you're cleared to work out by your doctor, this is your guide through your postpartum fitness journey.

The Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program follows the recommendations and guidelines written by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG). The Dash Wagon Fitness uses progression based exercises to take you from when you are medically cleared to when your baby turns two years old.

Build strength, spend quality time with your baby, and feel confident in your new body!

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As a pediatrician that works in a hospital, I have the joy of meeting brand new babies every day. Nikki from the Gym has put together a Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program that can help mothers get a quick workout each day at home. She was my personal trainer for years and she really helped me on my own fitness journey. I know she can help new moms.

DR. AMY HAUCK | Pediatrics Specialist in Austin, TX