Dash Wagon Fitness

Dash Wagon is the first children's product company to keep baby safe and truly care about the physical and mental well being of the mom before, during, and after giving birth.

Why Mom’s Fitness Matters

Prenatal and postpartum fitness goes far beyond getting your pre-baby body back. During pregnancy, your hormones and emotions fluctuate immensely and can impact you and your family's mental and physical well being.

Research shows that exercising before and after childbirth has many benefits for mom. It can strengthen your core, relieve stress, boost energy, promote sleep, help weight reduction, and most importantly, may help prevent postpartum depression. Unfortunately, for many new moms, there are significant barriers to physical activity that serve to prevent them from regular exercise – even though they may strongly desire to do so. These barriers can include lack of access to a gym, lack of child care, lack of an exercise partner, lack of a support group, and lack of a prescribed exercise regime with realistic goals for women of all fitness levels.

Instead of having to join a gym, you can use a Dash Wagon® Crossover to perform the Dash Wagon® Postpartum Fitness Program in your house, or outside, at your convenience. Instead of having to find someone to watch your child, you can place him or her in the Crossover while you exercise. You can engage with your child and teach your child about fitness while you exercise. Let Dash Wagon help you not just be a good mom, but a great one, which means taking care of yourself also.

Meet Your Trainer

Hi! I’m Nikki, also known as Nikki from the Gym. I’m a mom, licensed physical therapist assistant, and certified personal trainer. Fitness is my passion -- and that didn’t change when I had my two kids, Dash and Goldie. What did change was my schedule and my access to a gym. When my husband and I created the Dash Wagon for our son, it was important to me to make sure it was designed to fit my active lifestyle, and I’m so excited to guide other #DashWagonWarrior moms on their own postpartum fitness journeys.