The Early Evolution of Dash Wagon

Before getting pregnant, we didn’t know anything about car seats, so when we found out that Dash was on his way, we had less than nine months to prepare. We were inundated with advice and all kinds of stuff—we were buying products ourselves and getting both hand-me-downs and new gifts from friends and family. One of the gifts we received was a Graco rear-facing infant car seat with two extra bases.

When Dash had seizures at seven weeks old and we needed to supervise him constantly, we used the extra Graco base to make our first Dash Wagon Crossover prototype to carry Dash around our house, using a piece of PVC pipe as a handle. As we started using this early prototype in public and saw the attention it got from other parents, we knew we had created something special.

One of our first questions was whether we would limit our offering to just a Crossover for our Graco or would we build them to fit other car seats. After much research, we found that along with Graco, Chicco and Britax were the biggest manufacturers of rear-facing infant car seats. So we bought a few Chicco KeyFit 30 and Britax B-Safe rear-facing infant car seats and bases.

We spent several months building and testing the Crossover for Chicco and Britax prototypes. We found that we could use our core parts: front wheels, rear wheels, front-wheel swivels, and handles on each of the three different rear-facing car seat bases with only a few modifications to each base.

Once we perfected and successfully tested the prototypes, we determined that we would be able to efficiently manufacture Dash Wagon Crossovers for the three leading car seat manufacturers so that more parents can experience the freedom that the Crossover brings. As we grow, we look forward to expanding even more specifications.

The Dash Wagon Crossover is the perfect travel system for owners of these rear-facing infant car seats. Shop the Crossover for Graco, Chicco, and Britax.

Please note that car seats are not included with the purchase of a Dash Wagon. Check out Graco, Chicco, and Britax car seats on their respective websites.