One Travel System from Newborn to Toddler

Choosing a travel system is one of the first decisions that parents make before their baby is born. A travel system for an infant includes a rear-facing infant car seat, a car seat base, and a folding stroller that is designed to carry the rear-facing infant car seat before being used as a stroller. Arguably, the most important component of the travel system is the rear-facing infant car seat which is a monocoque bucket-style seat made from a single molded piece of plastic with detachable cushions and belts. 

The rear-facing infant car seat is designed to cradle and support the baby during travel in an automobile. The belts secure the baby within the infant car seat to prevent injury to the baby if a vehicle crash occurs. The rear-facing infant car seat snaps into the car seat base which must be securely installed in a vehicle per the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, an infant car seat is designed to carry a baby from four pounds to thirty-five pounds as long as they are less than thirty-two inches tall.  When the baby can sit upon his or her own and support the weight of his or her head, in many cases, parents will leave the rear-facing infant car seat engaged with the car seat base in their vehicle while they move their baby between the car seat and the stroller.

The Dash Wagon Crossover is a unique type of stroller that is a wheeled carrier for the rear-facing infant car seat. The car seat snaps in the same way that it snaps into the car base in a car. Once the car seat is engaged with the Crossover, the car seat becomes the seat. In this manner, the Crossover provides a unique travel system in which the seat goes with the baby. This is quite useful when your baby is asleep. With a traditional stroller, you have to remove your baby from the car seat, which will wake the baby, and move the baby to the stroller seat. With a Crossover, you just release the car seat with the baby sleeping therein and engage the car seat with the Crossover. The baby always remains safely nestled in the car seat. 

Our car seat systems are configured to work with three leading rear-facing car seats: Graco, Chicco, and Britax. Each Crossover has a unique one-hand push/pull design and can be pushed like a stroller or pulled like a wagon. It allows parents to use the rear-facing infant car seat until their child actually outgrows the car seat. Thus, for most children, the Dash Wagon Crossover provides a single travel system that can be used from when the baby is a newborn until the baby becomes a toddler.