Making Shopping Trips with Your Baby a Breeze

Having a baby is a joyous occasion. However, the little bundle of joy can complicate previously simple tasks. For example, shopping with a baby becomes difficult at best. Traditional strollers are complex and when folded, take up precious cargo space in the trunk of your vehicle. Also, it’s impossible to push a stroller and a shopping cart at the same time. Wearing your baby is an option, but for many mothers and fathers, this is just not possible. And, if your baby is asleep you have to wake them to move them from the car seat to the stroller. 

When these difficulties arise, many parents simply resort to carrying the car seat with the baby inside. This is unwieldy, heavy, and only lasts for so long before the car seat is placed in the shopping cart. Unfortunately, the seating area of shopping carts are not designed to carry a car seat and most shopping carts include a placard warning against such a practice. Mom and dad are then left with the option of putting the car seat with baby in the body of the shopping cart, limiting how many items they can purchase. 

clip connecting a shopping cart to Dash Wagon handle

The Dash Wagon Crossover makes shopping with your baby a breeze. Upon arrival at the grocery store, you can quickly move the car seat with the baby safely strapped into your Crossover and then, let the Crossover carry the car seat and baby. With one hand on the handle, mom or dad can quickly and easily navigate through the parking lot and around any obstacles that present themselves. Now is the fun part, without removing the baby or car seat from the Crossover, mom or dad can simply connect the handle to the shopping cart handle using our parent clip. And, as you push the shopping cart, the Crossover trails safely behind. 

mother pushing child in shopping cart while pulling infant in Dash Wagon

With the Dash Wagon Crossover, you don’t have to wake your baby in order to move them from the car seat to a stroller or harness. Baby stays safe and sound in his or her car seat and when the shopping trip is complete, you can push the cart full of groceries to the car as the Crossover trails safely behind. The car seat and baby can be returned to the car and then, the groceries can be loaded.

Make shopping with baby a breeze and get Dash Wagon for Graco®, Chicco®, and Britax® car seats.