Introducing Dash Wagon Fitness!

Hi! I’m Nicole Churilla, co-founder of Dash Wagon. My husband calls me “Nikki from the Gym” because I’ve spent most of my life in a gym. Before Dash Wagon, I was a professional fitness competitor, a certified personal trainer, and a licensed physical therapist assistant. I was almost always in a gym – until my son, Dash, and then, my daughter, Goldie, arrived. The gym became an afterthought and because my local gym stopped providing child care, it became an impossibility.

One day, I was pushing Dash around the house in his Dash Wagon Crossover and I had an idea: why not turn the Crossover into a piece of exercise equipment? So I did, and I’m excited to share my experience with other Dash Wagon moms! The unique form factor of the Crossover allows moms to get a full workout without needing to go to a gym all while spending time and engaging with their babies.

I’ve created a full postpartum exercise program using the Crossover as the only piece of equipment you need! You can do Dash Wagon exercises inside the house or out on a walk, and your baby becomes a part of your health and wellness journey. We’ll share weekly featured exercises on our blog, but the full Dash Wagon Postpartum Fitness Program is available as a downloadable and printable PDF free with every Dash Wagon Crossover purchase. It includes 96 weeks of customizable schedules and 150+ exercises.

Let’s get started!

Dash Wagon Squat

Squats were one of the first exercises I started with after being medically cleared by my doctor. A functional movement, squats help strengthen key muscles -- and the Dash Wagon squat allows you to engage with your baby while you do it!

How To

1. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms in a neutral position, place your hands on the handle of the Crossover.

woman standing behind Dash Wagon preparing to squat down

2. With your stomach pulled in tight, bend your knees and lower your body towards the floor allowing your arms to travel forward with the Crossover handle. Your body weight should mostly be directed through the heels of your feet.

woman performing squat exercise behind Dash Wagon

3. As you return to a standing position, lift with your shoulders and pull your abdominals in tight allowing your arms to return back to the neutral position from which you started. As you perform the squat, your knees should bend in line with the 2nd toe.

Make sure to inhale on the descent and exhale as you return to standing position! Your goal should be to complete 3 sets of 20 repetitions. When you start exercising after giving birth, it is best to use progressions. Begin with sets of 12, then progress to sets of 15 and 20. If you cannot complete a set of 12, do what you can! Increase your repetitions as you get stronger.

Not on the Dash band-Wagon yet? Start your fitness journey and shop Dash Wagon Crossover for Graco®, Chicco®, and Britax®.