Beat the Heat with a Dash Wagon

Rear-facing infant car seats are designed to be portable and when a baby is little, it is fairly easy to haul the infant car seat and the baby with you wherever you go.  However, as soon as the baby reaches a certain weight and the infant car seat plus the baby gets heavy and difficult to carry, parents tend to leave the infant car seat behind and opt for carrying only the baby or using a stroller. Either way, the infant car seat stays in the car and the portability of the infant car seat is ignored.

With its unique design, the Dash Wagon Crossover takes advantage of the portability of an infant car seat and uses the infant car seat as the seat of the Crossover.  The infant car seat snaps in the same way that it snaps into the car seat base. As such, the Crossover makes it super easy to carry your infant car seat. Whenever you get to a destination, instead of removing your baby from the infant car seat, you can remove the infant car seat from your car, with the baby inside, and install it in a Crossover. The infant car seat and baby travel as one.

One major benefit of taking the infant car seat with you is that the infant car seat never sits in the car in extreme temperatures.

In the summertime, the temperature in a vehicle can elevate rather quickly and the metal buckle clasps on the infant car seat belts can quickly become very hot to touch. If this happens, there is a risk of burning your child when trying to place him or her in the infant car seat. The Crossover eliminates this risk because the infant car seat is never left in the hot car. For this reason, we say, “Beat the heat. Take your car seat.”  

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